Managing Director

Achmat Jackson, The Managing Director of AJA, has been a seasoned and accredited hiker for the past 21 years and started High Altitude trekking in 2002. Their first summit of Mount Kilimanjaro took place in the same year. Achmat has always had the ambition and full intention of climbing the Seven Summits that which is the highest mountain in each continent. He has achieved this dream, including:

• Peak Lenana (4985m) – Kenya, December 2013
• Island Peak (5900m) – Nepal India, April 2012
• Aconcagua (6962m) – Argentina ; January 2011
• Kilimanjaro (5895m) – Tanzania ; September 2010 – Leader of Expedition (as per Ronnie Muhl)
• Elbrus (5642m) – Russia; August 2008

• Mount Aconcagua, Argentina (5900m) – South America Dec 2006
• Kilimanjaro (5895m) – Tanzania 2005
• Kilimanjaro (5895m) – Tanzania 2002
• The Inca Trail - Peru – South America 2004

Achmat’s goal is that his determination can be an inspiration to his community where they reside and also other communities’ at large throughout the country. As a result, Achmat Jackson Adventures was formed in 2014, and with his vision and passion adds value to and will without a doubt encourage and and inspire the team within AJ Adventures.




Taahir Osman has been a seasoned and accredited hiker for the past 12 years and started High Altitude trekking as well. Taahir has been quite instrumental in assisting Achmat Jackson to achieve his vision, and through dedication, vision, passion and hard work, Taahir joined AJ Adventures mid 2014 as Technical Director. Over and above supporting Achmat in day to day Operations, he is also fully responsible for all technical support for each hike, whether it be a forest hike, an extreme mountain

hike or an expedition. Taahir brings a wealth of technical skills including first aid and technical support. As Achmat, Taahir has also completed some achievements as follows:

• The Batrun
• Platteklip Charity Challenge
• Table Mountain Challenge
• All all the other trails up Table Mountain